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Visionary Inflatable Designs
Inflatable Panoramics- NY USA Inflatable Panoramics - NY USA Inflatable Panoramics  - NY USA Inflatable Panoramics  - NY USA Inflatable Panoramics  - NY USA

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Long Island – NY, USA

Inflatable Panoramics are the ultimate indoor event structure! An innovative circular breakout space with an open roof.

Designed for indoor use as a breakout area, meeting space, conference theater or as an exhibition space, inflatable panoramics can be used as a temporary space solution for many occasions. And they are a great option to create a private space for meetings and conferences with a projection screen or a podium and speakers set up inside.  

Their curved walls and circular footprint give this pop up pod all the appeal of our inflatable domes but without the roof. This feature means that no light is lost within the structure, and there is no issue using them at any convention or event space that has strict regulations for closed roof structures set-up indoors.

They come in a range of sizes which are all lightweight and easily transportable. They can be inflated within just minutes. Each size provides a large usable floor area, and our range offers sizes that can hold between 14 – 90 people inside.

The inflatable panoramics can be created according to your specifications and ideas. This includes full color branding directly onto the fabric of the structure. These inflatable panoramic structures can also be lit up using colored LED event lighting which can enhance your event space to match the color or theme of the event, or with projection lighting to feature your brand or logo.

Panoramics - at a glance

6m 8m 10m
Diameter (m) 6 8 10
Height (m) 2.8 3.2 3.5
Internal floor space (m2) 21 39.5 63.5
Weight (kg) 25 30 45
Rental Option Yes Yes Yes
Data Sheet Panoramics
Branding Full color printing available