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Visionary Inflatable Designs
Inflatable Cube- NY USA Inflatable Cube- NY USA Inflatable Cube- NY USA Inflatable Cube- NY USA

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Long Island – NY, USA

Our Inflatable Cube buildings are by far our most stunning range of inflatable structures and they hold a 55 mph wind rating!

Ranging from our 6m inflatable cube right up to our 20m x 30m cube, which offers nearly 600 sq meters of clear span usable floor space, these structures provide huge branding and advertising opportunities on the outside with slick, clean and elegant lines on the inside.  

Types of Inflatable Cube

We can design and manufacture all types and sizes of inflatable cube building for temporary use for many different types of applications. Every inflatable cube can be made in a huge range of colors and be fully branded to suit your corporate image.

We can incorporate flooring, doors, windows and all other aspects to ensure your inflatable cube is creatively designed, whilst offering a fully usable and practical space. Inflatable cube buildings offer high visual impact and are a great alternative to traditional temporary buildings.

All our inflatable cubes can be joined together with the doorways acting as joining mechanisms. This means that either the same sized or different sized cubes can be connected. Alternatively, cubes can be joined to domes if required.

In fact, our unique modular system allows you to create a fully custom layout - you can add as many 7 inflatable cubes together to create a multi area structure!

Inflatable Cubes - at a glance

8m 10m 14m 16m 20m 20x30m
Length (m) 8 10 14 16 20 30
Height (m) 5.2 6 7.5 7.7 8 8
Internal floor space (m2) 49.6 82 157.6 212 345.8 530.8
Weight (Kg) (m2) 200 300 380 450 1200 1800
Rental Option Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Data Sheet C08 C10 C14 C16 C20 C30
Branding Full color printing available